Somewhere on this site you can find out what it was like to go from New York to Los Angeles in a day and a half without buying an airline ticket (and before teleportation). You may live vicariously through a grueling 21-day South American endurance road race that six others did not. 

The truth is, I am completely fascinated by the automobile. Probably this is genetic because most of my recent forebears were lifetime car lovers. Automobiles can be many things: complex and ingenious machines, works of sculptural art to rival Michelangelo’s carvings, and expressions of engineering genius. Perhaps most appealing, cars make individual freedom of movement available like nothing else. As soon as the second automobile was constructed, cars became sporting. Mankind loves speed. Speed is the penultimate sensual pleasure!

There is a lot of money in car racing, most of it put in by amateur drivers! In 1975 I entered my nearly new Ferrari Dino 246GTS in the notorious Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash. My co-driver and I set the still-existing World’s Record time from New York City to Los Angeles in 35 hours and 53 minutes for an average speed of 83 mph. I have been “Cannonball Jack” ever since that infamous race. When I slide behind the steering wheel of an automobile--my automobile, your automobile, any automobile, even a rental car--I feel a rush of adrenaline. I am about to begin the drive of my life!